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 1c. 10.
1e. 32.
Possession: Seller shall deliver possession, occupancy, existing keys and/or means to operate all locks, mailbox, security
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or asidentifiedinsection9c.
3. Buyer agrees to buy and Seller agrees to sell the real property with all improvements, fixtures, and appurtenances thereon
4. or incidental thereto, plus the personal property described herein (collectively the “Premises”).
1a. 1.
1b. 5.
6. City:
Assessor’s #:
AZ, Zip Code:
11. $
12. $
13. $
14. 15. 16.
Premises Address:
7. Legal Description: 8.
Full Purchase Price, paid as outlined below Earnest Money
17. Earnest Money is in the form of:
Personal Check
18. Upon acceptance of this offer, the Earnest Money, if any, will be deposited with:
Wire Transfer
Escrow Company
Broker’s Trust Account.
19. IF THIS IS AN ALL CASH SALE: A Letter of Credit or a source of funds from a financial institution documenting the availability of
20. funds to close escrow is attached hereto.
1d. 21.
22. Buyer and Seller shall comply with all terms and conditions of this Contract, execute and deliver to Escrow Company all closing
23. documents, and perform all other acts necessary in sufficient time to allow COE to occur on
Close of Escrow: Close of Escrow (“COE”) shall occur when the deed is recorded at the appropriate county recorder’s office.
24. MONTH DAY ,20YEAR (“COEDate”).IfEscrowCompanyorrecorder’sofficeisclosedontheCOEDate,
25. COE shall occur on the next day that both are open for business.
26. Buyer shall deliver to Escrow Company a cashier’s check, wired funds or other immediately available funds to pay any down
27. payment, additional deposits or Buyer’s closing costs, and instruct the lender, if applicable, to deliver immediately available funds to
28. Escrow Company, in a sufficient amount and in sufficient time to allow COE to occur on the COE Date.
29. Buyer acknowledges that failure to pay the required closing funds by the scheduled COE, if not cured after a cure notice is delivered
30. pursuant to Section 7a, shall be construed as a material breach of this Contract and the Earnest Money shall be subject to forfeiture.
31. All funds are to be in U.S. currency.
33. system/alarms, and all common area facilities to Buyer at COE or .
34. Broker(s) recommend that the parties seek independent counsel from insurance, legal, tax, and accounting professionals regarding
35. the risks of pre-possession or post-possession of the Premises.
1f. 36.
37. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Loan Assumption On-site Wastewater Treatment Facility
38. Other:
Addenda Incorporated: Additional Clause Buyer Contingency Domestic Water Well Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract • Updated: February 2017
H.O.A. Seller Financing
Short Sale
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