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2f. 90. Loan Application: Unless previously completed, within three (3) days after Contract acceptance Buyer shall (i) provide lender 91. with Buyer’s name, income, social security number, Premises address, estimate of value of the Premises, and mortgage loan 92. amount sought; and (ii) grant lender permission to access Buyer’s Trimerged Residential Credit Report.
2g. 93. Loan Processing During Escrow: Within ten (10) days after receipt of the Loan Estimate Buyer shall (i) provide lender with 94. notice of intent to proceed with the loan transaction in a manner satisfactory to lender; and (ii) provide to lender all requested 95. signed disclosures and the documentation listed in the LSU at lines 32-35. Buyer agrees to diligently work to obtain the loan and 96. will promptly provide the lender with all additional documentation requested.
2h. 97. Type of Financing: Conventional FHA VA USDA Assumption Seller Carryback 98. (If financing is to be other than new financing, see attached addendum.)
2i. 99. Loan Costs: All costs of obtaining the loan shall be paid by Buyer, unless otherwise provided for herein.
2j. 100. Seller Concessions (if any): In addition to the other costs Seller has agreed to pay herein, Seller agrees to pay up to % 101. of the Purchase Price OR up to $ to be used only for Buyer’s loan costs, impounds, Title/Escrow Company costs, 102. recording fees, and, if applicable, VA loan costs not permitted to be paid by Buyer.
2k. 103. Changes: Buyer shall immediately notify Seller of any changes in the loan program, financing terms, or lender described in the 104. Pre-Qualification Form attached hereto or LSU provided within ten (10) days after Contract acceptance and shall only make any 105. such changes without the prior written consent of Seller if such changes do not adversely affect Buyer’s ability to obtain loan 106. approval without PTD conditions, increase Seller’s closing costs, or delay COE.
2l. 107. Appraisal Contingency: Buyer’s obligation to complete this sale is contingent upon an appraisal of the Premises acceptable to 108. lender for at least the purchase price. If the Premises fail to appraise for the purchase price in any appraisal required by lender, 109. Buyer has five (5) days after notice of the appraised value to cancel this Contract and receive a return of the Earnest Money or 110. the appraisal contingency shall be waived, unless otherwise prohibited by federal law.
2m. 111. Appraisal Cost(s): Initial appraisal fee shall be paid by   Buyer   Seller   Other
112. at the time payment is required by lender and is non-refundable. If Seller is paying the initial appraisal fee, the fee   will   will not 113. be applied against Seller’s Concessions at COE, if applicable. If Buyer’s lender requires an updated appraisal prior to COE, it will be 114. performed at Buyer’s expense. Any appraiser/lender required inspection cost(s) shall be paid for by Buyer.
3a. 115. Escrow: This Contract shall be used as escrow instructions. The Escrow Company employed by the parties to carry out the 116. terms of this Contract shall be:
3b. 120. Title and Vesting: Buyer will take title as determined before COE. If Buyer is married and intends to take title as his/her sole 121. and separate property, a disclaimer deed may be required. Taking title may have significant legal, estate planning and tax 122. consequences. Buyer should obtain independent legal and tax advice.
3c. 123. Title Commitment and Title Insurance: Escrow Company is hereby instructed to obtain and deliver to Buyer and Seller directly,
124. addressed pursuant to 8s and 9c or as otherwise provided, a Commitment for Title Insurance together with complete and legible copies 125. of all documents that will remain as exceptions to Buyer’s policy of Title Insurance (“Title Commitment”), including but not limited to
126. Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”); deed restrictions; and easements. Buyer shall have five (5) days after receipt of the 127. Title Commitment and after receipt of notice of any subsequent exceptions to provide notice to Seller of any items disapproved. Seller 128. shall convey title by warranty deed, subject to existing taxes, assessments, covenants, conditions, restrictions, rights of way, easements 129. and all other matters of record. Buyer shall be provided at Seller’s expense an American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) Homeowner’s 130. Title Insurance Policy or, if not available, a Standard Owner’s Title Insurance Policy, showing title vested in Buyer. Buyer may acquire 131. extended coverage at Buyer’s own additional expense. If applicable, Buyer shall pay the cost of obtaining the ALTA Lender Title
132. Insurance Policy.
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