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8b. 390. Risk of Loss: If there is any loss or damage to the Premises between the date of Contract acceptance and COE or possession, 391. whichever is earlier, by reason of fire, vandalism, flood, earthquake, or act of God, the risk of loss shall be on Seller, provided, 392. however, that if the cost of repairing such loss or damage would exceed ten percent (10%) of the purchase price, either Seller or 393. Buyer may elect to cancel the Contract.
8c. 394. Permission: Buyer and Seller grant Broker(s) permission to advise the public of this Contract.
8d. 395. Arizona Law: This Contract shall be governed by Arizona law and jurisdiction is exclusively conferred on the State of Arizona.
8e. 396. Time is of the Essence: The parties acknowledge that time is of the essence in the performance of the obligations described 397. herein.
8f. 398. Compensation: Seller and Buyer acknowledge that Broker(s) shall be compensated for services rendered as previously agreed by 399. separate written agreement(s), which shall be delivered by Broker(s) to Escrow Company for payment at COE, if not previously paid. 400. If Seller is obligated to pay Broker(s), this Contract shall constitute an irrevocable assignment of Seller’s proceeds at COE. If Buyer 401. is obligated to pay Broker(s), payment shall be collected from Buyer as a condition of COE. COMMISSIONS PAYABLE FOR THE 402. SALE, LEASING, OR MANAGEMENT OF PROPERTY ARE NOT SET BY ANY BOARD OR ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, OR 403. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE, OR IN ANY MANNER OTHER THAN BETWEEN BROKER AND CLIENT.
8g. 404. Copies and Counterparts: A fully executed facsimile or electronic copy of the Contract shall be treated as an original Contract. 405. This Contract and any other documents required by this Contract may be executed by facsimile or other electronic means and in any 406. number of counterparts, which shall become effective upon delivery as provided for herein, except that the Disclosure of Information 407. on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards may not be signed in counterpart. All counterparts shall be deemed to
8h. 409. Days: All references to days in this Contract shall be construed as calendar days and a day shall begin at 12:00 a.m. and 410. end at 11:59 p.m.
8i. 411. Calculating Time Periods: In computing any time period prescribed or allowed by this Contract, the day of the act or event from 412. which the time period begins to run is not included and the last day of the time period is included. Contract acceptance occurs on the 413. date that the signed Contract (and any incorporated counter offer) is delivered to and received by the appropriate Broker. Acts that 414. must be performed three (3) days prior to the COE Date must be performed three (3) full days prior (i.e. – if the COE Date is Friday 415. the act must be performed by 11:59 p.m. on Monday).
8j. 416. Entire Agreement: This Contract, and any addenda and attachments, shall constitute the entire agreement between Seller and 417. Buyer, shall supersede any other written or oral agreements between Seller and Buyer and can be modified only by a writing signed 418. by Seller and Buyer. The failure to initial any page of this Contract shall not affect the validity or terms of this Contract.
8k. 419. Subsequent Offers: Buyer acknowledges that Seller has the right to accept subsequent offers until COE. Seller understands that 420. any subsequent offer accepted by Seller must be a backup offer contingent on the cancellation of this Contract.
8l. 421. Cancellation: A party who wishes to exercise the right of cancellation as allowed herein may cancel this Contract by delivering 422. notice stating the reason for cancellation to the other party or to Escrow Company. Cancellation shall become effective immediately 423. upon delivery of the cancellation notice.
8m. 424. Notice: Unless otherwise provided, delivery of all notices and documentation required or permitted hereunder shall be in writing 425. and deemed delivered and received when: (i) hand-delivered; (ii) sent via facsimile transmission; (iii) sent via electronic mail, if email 426. addresses are provided herein; or (iv) sent by recognized overnight courier service, and addressed to Buyer as indicated in Section 427. 8q, to Seller as indicated in Section 9a and to Escrow Company indicated in Section 3a.
408. constitute one instrument, and each counterpart shall be deemed an original.
8n. 428. Release of Broker(s): Seller and Buyer hereby expressly release, hold harmless and indemnify Broker(s) in this
429. transaction from any and all liability and responsibility regarding financing, the condition, square footage, lot lines,
430. boundaries, value, rent rolls, environmental problems, sanitation systems, roof, wood infestation, building codes,
431. governmental regulations, insurance, price and terms of sale, return on investment or any other matter relating to the value 432. or condition of the Premises. The parties understand and agree that Broker(s) do not provide advice on property as an
433. investment and are not qualified to provide financial, legal, or tax advice regarding this real estate transaction.
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      8o. 435. Terms of Acceptance: This offer will become a binding Contract when acceptance is signed by Seller and a signed copy delivered 436. in person, by mail, facsimile or electronically, and received by Broker named in Section 8q
437. by , at a.m./p.m., Mountain Standard Time. 438. Buyer may withdraw this offer at any time prior to receipt of Seller’s signed acceptance. If no signed acceptance is received by this 439. date and time, this offer shall be deemed withdrawn and Buyer’s Earnest Money shall be returned.
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