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This attachment should be given to the Buyer prior to the submission
of any offer and is not part of the Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract’s terms.
You are entering into a legally binding agreement.
Document updated:
February 2017
1. Read the entire contract before you sign it.
2. Review the Residential Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (See Section 4a).
• This information comes directly from the Seller.
• Investigate any blank spaces, unclear answers or any other information that is important to you.
3. Review the Inspection Paragraph (see Section 6a).
If important to you, hire a qualified: • General home inspector
• Heating/cooling inspector
• Mold inspector
• Pest inspector • Pool inspector • Roof inspector
Verify square footage (see Section 6b)
Verify the property is on sewer or septic (see Section 6f)
4. Confirm your ability to obtain insurance and insurability of the property
during the inspection period with your insurance agent (see Sections 6a and 6e).
5. Apply for your home loan now, if you have not done so already, and provide your lender with all requested information (see Section 2f).
It is your responsibility to make sure that you and your lender follow the timeline requirements in Section 2, and that you and your lender deliver the necessary funds to escrow in sufficient time to allow escrow to close on the agreed upon date. Otherwise, the Seller may cancel the contract and you may be liable for damages.
6. Read the title commitment within five (5) days of receipt (see Section 3c).
7. Read the CC&R’s and all other governing documents within five (5) days of receipt (see Section 3c), especially if the home is in a homeowner’s association.
8. Conduct a thorough pre-closing walkthrough (see Section 6l). If the property is unacceptable, speak up. After the closing may be too late.
You can obtain information through the Buyer’s Advisory at
Remember, you are urged to consult with an attorney, inspectors, and experts of your choice in any area of interest or concern in the transaction. Be cautious about verbal representations, advertising claims, and information contained in a listing. Verify anything important to you.
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Buyer Attachment • Updated: February 2017
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